Jason Taylor


My affinity for the sea first developed while spending part of my youth growing up in Malaysia. Everyday after school we headed, mask in hand to explore the local beach or creek and only a two hour drive from the pristine coast of Thailand, it was an unforgettable experience.

I completed the rest of my education back in England and graduated with a degree in Sculpture at the London Institute of Art.  In the next ten years I have qualified as a PADI OWSI working and travelling extensively around the world including countries such as Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Cuba, Egypt, Turkey, Caymans, Montserrat and Grenada.

In pursuit of fulfilling both ambitions I have combined my love for the underwater world with my passion for Sculpture and have developed an underwater gallery.

The Underwater Sculpture Gallery

The Underwater Sculpture Gallery in Grenada, West Indies is a project I started in May 2006, with the support of the Grenadian Ministry of Tourism, Grenada Dive Association and Dept of Fisheries.  It is a unique artistic enterprise which aims to highlight environmental processes whilst providing a captivating and fascinating dive site for scuba divers and snorkellers.  All the sculptures are designed to form an artificial stretch of reef, to help re-juvenate an area of coral reef decimated by tropical storms.

In the long term the sculptures will form an ever changing exhibition as nature colonizes the surface and the sea and tidal movement shapes the texture, thus becoming a fascinating transient living work of art. Having globally lost around 40% of our coral reef systems already and with scientists predicting a significant demise by the end of the century, the sculpture park aims to bring these issues to into the lime-light.

Further information on the project can be found at: www.underwatersculpture.com

For inquirys, or to commission an artificial reef or sculpture: info@underwatersculpture.com

Signed prints of the underwater sculptures are also available to purchase from the website.


 A short film of the sculptures in Moliniere Bay, Grenada. Sculptures and filming by Jason Taylor, produced and edited by Christian Sandino-Taylor Underwater Sculpture Gallery

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